Saturday, 4 October 2014

Catgirl & Poetman + New Channels and Music!

Those who have read my last post (namely Lisa... my cat.) may remember that I mentioned another project I was working on.

The project, although nowhere near completion, is still underway and going quite well.

Joining forces with a mind equally as bizarre and psychotic as my own, Làilà Thorsson and I have created what will most definitely be history's most twisted comedy series of all time:

The series will follow two highly unstable and delusional high school students who believe themselves to be crime fighting superheroes.
Throughout the series they find themselves in various misadventures ranging from demonic possession to attempting to save a cat from a tree. More often than not, they themselves are more evil than the criminals they claim to fight.

You can already subscribe on YouTube, although the series will be not online anytime soon. (I have estimated that season one will be uploaded in early December of 2014, however at this stage it is impossible to know.)

More Catgirl & Poetman links:
Official Site (Under Construction)

I've also been working on the soundtrack for the series, which I have uploaded to my new YouTube channel: A Reinarch Music

You can also listen to the new soundtrack on the official Catgirl & Poetman site, or on my official site.
Or just use the SoundCloud playlist below:

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Soon... soon

To those wondering, no, I am not dead (at least not as far as I know...)
I'm actually working on another project at the moment, while putting my third film on hold for the time being.
The reasoning behind that is not laziness.
Ok, it is.
Laziness and no budget.

That isn't to say movie #3 will not happen. It will still happen, just not yet. Soon... soon.

In the meantime I'm working on some other really amazing material that I'm sure everyone will either really love or not care about at all.

Honestly, I don't care if you love it or hate it, because it's going to happen.
Oh yes, it will be done.

Stay tuned for more info coming soon! "Woohoo"

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Third film

"Revenge of the Opaque and Translucent Troglodyte Clans from Transdimensional Outer-space"
Might be the title of my third short film.
It all depends on how much LSD and DMT I can gather before coming up with a script.

In all seriousness, though, I am working on another short film.
Sadly the title above was only meant as a joke.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I Return to Blogging

Why I removed my vlogs

Although my vlogs had only positive comments and I know a few of you enjoyed them, I found that in the nearly three weeks since I posted the first vlog, I wasn't happy with the result of the videos I created.
Pushing myself to be loud and overly optimistic isn't exactly something I enjoy doing, apart from that, I felt that I had to censor my opinion at times and even watch what I said to avoid insulting my audience.
I also feel that it was a time waster. Although it brought in more money through ads than any of my other videos, and although I believe I could have built a larger audience one day, it was keeping me from doing what I really want to be doing.
Namely writing scripts for a few future projects.

Vlogging was also very limiting for me as far as creativity goes. Simply saying random thoughts regarding my life or opinions and then editing the video to have jump cuts isn't exactly what I want to spend my time doing.
Besides that, the audience I want to attract to my other projects are completely different from the audience I may have attracted with my vlog.

The final reason for not wanting to continue vlogging is that I prefer being behind the camera. Although I was in the past two films I directed, I never enjoy being on camera. Editing footage in which I'm forced to stare at my own face and hear my own voice for hours was perhaps the most unpleasant experience I ever endured while editing footage.

Why I left Blogger

I wanted to focus more on the blogs on and, and I felt that the posts I had on this blog had been rather irrelevant at times.
I also felt that I could use vlogging as a new means of sharing my random thoughts and opinions.
I have since decided to return to using this blog.

You can again expect to see new posts here every so often.

How this blog is different from my others

On my official website, the blog posts will only be about projects and media I am working on.
On the blog for Shocking Revelations, the posts will only be about any upcoming projects or media produced by Shocking Revelations.

This blog will be a combination of information regarding my future projects and random irrelevance and opinions I want to share.
Basically, this blog will be what I would have talked about in my vlog, had I decided to continue it.


Unlike my vlog, which was meant to have a new video every Thursday, my blog will not have that sort of consistency. Rather, I will be posting whenever I choose to.

What I am currently working on

As Dishonest, Deceased and Divine is finally complete and uploaded, I am currently working on a script for my third short film, which will most likely be around the same length as Slating was.
I am also working on a few scripts for a sketch comedy series that Làilà Thorsson and I are collaborating on.
Hopefully a few episodes will be uploaded to YouTube by November.
The short film I'm working on does not yet have an estimated release date.
Check back to this blog often for more info regarding these projects!

Apart from that, I've also been considering writing music again. I'm not entirely sure if this is something I will be doing or not.
I also recently found that I enjoy editing photos, perhaps soon I'll be uploading more images to my DeviantArt.


I apologize to anyone who was hoping for more vlogs from me, and I thank you for having watched them.
I hope my blog will prove equally as entertaining to those of you who (for one reason or another,) wish to follow my projects and read my sometimes twisted views on the world.

As always, stay classy, internet people!
Aldwin Reinarch signing off.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

WATCH: Dishonest, Deceased and Divine (2014) (Surreal Film Noir by Aldwin Reinarch)

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Unfortunately due to a very low budget, the audio isn't that great at some parts in the film.
It is recommended that you use the closed captions I provided in the video settings.


"After years of working underground jobs and gaining the trust of her boss, Evelyn sees an opportunity for the easiest and largest sum of cash in her life. She convinces her partner in crime, Harris, that they must double cross their boss in order to finally retire from a life of crime. Neither Evelyn nor Harris are prepared for what awaits them when they discover that the people they double crossed aren't people at all."


Làilà Thorsson . . . . . . Evelyn
Aldwin Reinarch . . . . . Harris
Directed, Edited and Written by Aldwin Reinarch.
Music by  Kevin MacLeod
Produced by Shocking Revelations

Visit the official site


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{Terra Incognita} Digital Art and Photography

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Music Credits:

All music by Kevin MacLeod is Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
And is © 2014 Kevin MacLeod

"Long Night" by Aldwin Reinarch is © 2014 by Shocking Revelations, A.L.T and Aldwin Reinarch.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Final Post on Blogger

It's been great using blogger to post the various updates and randomness of my life and creations, but I think it's time I move to only using and for my future posts.
I'm thinking of starting a new blog elsewhere eventually.
Check my personal site for further updates.

As for Reinarch's Rad Jazz Collection, I'll continue updating the channel, but not the blog.

Thanks blogger and those who read this blog!

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Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Release date for "Dishonest, Deceased & Divine" Confirmed

Làilà Thorsson as Evelyn

Source: Shocking Revelations
The official release date for Aldwin Reinarch's second short film is September 4th, 2014 at 11:30AM(PDT)

Starring Làilà Thorsson as Evelyn, the film focuses on a woman struggling to escape from a life of crime by convincing her colleague, Harris (Aldwin Reinarch), to double cross their boss. They soon learn that the people they double crossed aren't people at all.

A mix of surreal and Film Noir, Dishonest, Deceased & Divine will be uploaded to Aldwin Reinarch's YouTube channel upon its release.

Check back soon for a trailer!